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Ali Boden

Licensed Esthetician

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My Story

My name is Ali Newman and I’m a Licensed Esthetician in Boise, Idaho.

I have a deep passion for health and wellness, I choose to view the health of the skin as both an internal and external connection. My love for this field is vast, dealing with skin issues myself I have such a soft spot for those who struggle understanding their skin, have low confidence and just don’t know where else to turn. Whatever you’re dealing with, acne, rosacea, aging skin, hyperpigmentation or you’re just in need of maintenance and have no real concerns, I am here for you!


A few things about myself:

• I was born and raised in Boise, Idaho and I absolutely love my hometown.

• I have a fur baby that I adore, she’s a 4 year old pointer mix 🐶

• I love being outdoors! Hiking, camping and adventuring are some of my favorite things ⛰

• In my spare time you can find me researching skincare, ingredients and how they benefit the skin.

• I’m a Pisces through and through!


Please reach out to Ali if you have any questions.


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